Welcome to SheConfidential

A space for women entrepreneurs sustaining thriving businesses without sacrificing self-care.

About Us

We bring women entrepreneurs together to learn how to sustain fulfilling successful businesses without getting burned out or broke TF down. We center the needs and concerns of Black and traditionally marginalized women with an understanding that this is essential to addressing inequities. 

Why You Should Join Us

The SheConfidential collective offers:

  • Engaging virtual events to help you build and sustain a profitable business that doesn't undermine your wellness.
  • Tools to support you at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey (from new side hustler to seasoned business woman ready to grow and scale).
  • Encouragement and compassionate accountability from a community of supportive women.
  • Access to connections and content that's not controlled by a social media algorithm.
  • Options for anonymity so that you can participate in sensitive discussions without being self-conscious.
  • A community customized by the members it's designed to serve.